Why do the folks at Verity give money and time to Verity?

Giving is vital because we’re a family that has activities, expenses, and responsibilities.

  • We own a church building that needs upkeep. Volunteer workers help to keep the costs down but we do need funding to keep the building clean, safe, useful, and comfortable (e.g., heating in the winter!).
  • We need volunteers and funding to reach out to our neighbourhood. Getting to know our neighbours and serving them takes both people and money. See our “Events and Outreach” page for information about these efforts.
  • Verity supports outreach (e.g., missionaries, inner city work) and worthy causes (e.g., disaster relief, widow’s school) in various parts of the world.
  • Verity has pastoral and administrative staff who get a salary. Following what the Bible says, we believe those who serve the church professionally should be paid.

Ways to Give

First, let’s make it clear that we do not require anybody, particularly visitors, to give time or money to Verity Church. God loves a cheerful giver, and if you want to give to Verity we will happily accept and apply your gift to the Lord’s work. We believe that scripture does indicate that we should give back to God some of the blessings He gives to us, but the church does not “enforce” such a policy. Records of financial giving from individuals are kept carefully so Verity can issue income tax charitable donation receipts, but the information is kept as confidential as possible.

If you have any questions about Verity Church finances, please talk to our administrator (

Online Giving by e-Transfer

You can e-transfer your offering from your bank at any time. Sign on to your bank’s website and look for the e-transfer function. Send your gift to:

Include your name (and address if you’re not a regular) so we can send you a tax receipt yearly. If you want to earmark the gift for a special project, please indicate that when you do the transfer

In-person Electronic Giving

Beside the church office door is a credit/debit card machine at which you can make donations. Envelopes are provided so you can leave your name and receipt to get a tax receipt for your donation.

Offering Drop Box

During our Sunday in-person meetings, an offering drop box is available at the back of the sanctuary. Be sure to give your name and address if you want a tax receipt.